By honoring both the body and the
mind, using resistance training,
yoga and cardiovascular conditioning
I will create a custom designed
program for each individual client.

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My 3 Part Process

3 reasons to train with Jeff

  • Physical Health
  • Renewed Energy
  • Have fun working out

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Yelp Reviews


Want to see some feedback from
my clients?

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Flexible Training

I offer a flexible and focused approach to physical conditioning by designing a “results oriented” program unique to the needs of each client.

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The Processional Effect

The Processional Effect

The Processional Effect you have on this world doesn’t require success; it only requires that you go about the business of your heart, diligently.

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Keeping it simple! 3 Reasons to Train with Jeff

Physical Health

1 Stress, worry & anxiety? Manage your health & fitness better, watch your symptoms recede and enjoy a happier life.

Get Your Energy Back Up

2Find that lost energy to do all the things you love to do, but thought you might not be able to do again.

Fun with Progress

3Have the most fun you can have while working hard. Experience the feeling of being proud of your progress.